IKM webshop

IKM webshop

A selection of products with data sheets

Our web shop offers a selection of products with data sheets and other relevant information. Please note that the web shop features only a small selection of the products we offer. Please contact us if you are unable to find what you are looking for and we will assist you!

Is there information missing you, please contact us at IKMinstrutek@IKM.no

The IKM webshop is only in Norwegian.


IKM Instrutek AS
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Tananger: NorSea Base, Bygg 53, 4056 Tananger • Bergen: Johan Berentsens vei 63, 5160 Laksevåg •Ålesund: Breivika Industriveg 63, 6018 Ålesund

T: +47 33 16 57 00 • F: +47 33 16 57 01 • E: IKMinstrutek@IKM.no • Org. nr. NO-883 385 152 MVA Foretaksregisteret

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